The Spring Lake Township Board of Trustees met on Monday, April 8, for our regular monthly board meeting.

If you weren’t able to tune in to the meeting, you can watch it on our Facebook page.

Here are a few of the items the Board discussed or acted on during the meeting.

Potential E-Bike Ordinance
The Board of Trustees has been discussing the regulation of e-bikes on township bicycle paths. Since this is a new business item, the Board did not take action during the meeting. We are considering regulating the types of e-bikes that can use township bicycle paths to protect the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians. We will continue discussing this item and look forward to engaging residents about it.

Upcoming Community Visioning Opportunities
As we prepare for broad community visioning, I have requested that staff reach out and provide proposals during our May 13 meeting for the Township’s Vision Force. This concept will involve community engagement workshops that will help inform updates to our community vision and mission statements, which were last updated in 2013. Our Board is committed to inviting a broad cross section of the community to take part in our Vision Force and provide recommendations on what we, as a community, want Spring Lake Township to look like in 2050.

Total Food Package IFEC Amendment Request
Our Board previously approved an application for an Industrial Facilities Exemption (IFEC) from Total Food Package, which is a local food grade product blending and packaging company. An IFEC provides incentive for manufacturers to renovate and expand their facilities. Following a public hearing, the Board approved an amendment to the IFEC, totaling $756,116 in new investment. This means there will be a 50% taxable value reduction of the new investment made by the company for the next 12 years.

Public Works Purchase Orders
The Board approved several purchase orders from the Township’s public works department for upgrades to sanitary sewer pump stations, annual generator maintenance and the purchases of a new woodchipper and mower. All these items were anticipated expenses included in this year’s budget.

Please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you and have a great day!


Jerry Rabideau

Supervisor, Spring Lake Township