Zoning Board of Appeals

The ZBA hears appeals in matters relating to the zoning ordinance.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Board Liaison

Term ends: November 2024

Jack Ketchum

Planning Commission Liaison

Term ends: March 2025

Larry Mierle


Term ends: March 2027

George Postmus


Term ends: March 2025

Thomas TenCate


Term ends: March 2027

Stephen Trocke


Term ends: March 2027


The Spring Lake Township ZBA will meet at Barber School, 102 W. Exchange Street, Spring Lake, Michigan at 7:00 PM on the fourth Thursday of every month, except November (no meeting) and December (meeting the first Thursday). See the meetings & events calendar to view all scheduled meetings.

Zoning Board of Appeals Rules of Procedure (Bylaws)

Procedures for Variances, Authorizations, and Determinations

Variances, authorizations and determinations are decided by the Zoning Board of Appeals. Contact Lukas Hill, Community Development Director, for assistance with your application. A pre-application meeting or discussion is strongly encouraged.

Zoning Board of Appeals Rules of Procedure (Bylaws)
Public Hearing Procedures

Variances may be applied for when a unique undue hardship is present on the property. Variances have the most stringent requirements that must be met before a variance can be granted.
Standards for Variances

Authorizations may be applied for when a proposed accessory building or attached garage is larger than allowed by right.
Standards for Accessory Building Authorizations
Standards for Attached Garage Authorizations

Determinations are made for waterfront setbacks when the Zoning Administrator determines there is an unusual shoreline configuration, unusual topographical problem, or unusual circumstance.
Standards for Waterfront Setback Determinations

Zoning Board of Appeals Application - $500 fee and $300 escrow deposit required. Fees and escrow can be paid in cash or with a check made out to Spring Lake Township. There is no refund if the request is denied. The escrow is used to pay for public hearing notices, attorney fees, engineering or survey fees, or any other special studies. Should expenses total more than the deposit, the applicant will be billed by the Township for the additional costs, or additional escrow payment shall be required to complete the Zoning Board of Appeals process. Should expenses total less than the deposit received, excess amounts of the escrow fee shall be returned to the applicant.

After receiving your application and supporting materials, Township staff will review the application and schedule a date for a public hearing for the request. The submission deadline is typically 4 weeks in advance of the preferred meeting date unless otherwise specified by Township staff. Deadlines are set to comply with various Ordinance requirements and to permit adequate time for Board and staff review.
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At least 15 days prior to the public hearing, Township staff will advertise the public hearing in the press and send notices to all residents within 300 feet of the property making the request (1000 feet for Planned Unit Developments). A sign will be posted on the property noting that it is the subject of a public hearing.

At the public hearing, the ZBA will hear the request. The applicant or their representative will be required to attend to speak on their request. After the presentation, the ZBA will typically ask follow-up questions. Public comment will also be held to get the views of interested residents.

After hearing the request, the ZBA will vote to Approve the request, Approve the request with Conditions, Deny the request, or Table the request for further information or considerations.

Approved variances are valid for one year. Variances not acted upon by that time become null and void.

See the Zoning Ordinance for complete information.
Zoning Ordinance – Complete Text