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Rycenga Park Master Plan

Rycenga Park sign

Rycenga Park is an 80-acre park located at the north end of West Spring Lake Road. The Township is interested in updating the facilities in the park and is looking for input from the community.


Project kickoff: July 1, 2024
Conceptual plan development: August 1, 2024
Community event at Rycenga Park to view conceptual plans: September 1, 2024
Final plan chosen: October 14, 2024
Installation: Spring 2025

Engagement Options:
Community event: September 1, 2024

Project Contact:
Lukas Hill, Community Development Director

Five-Year Recreation Plan
A Recreation Plan is necessary for the Township to apply for grants from the Michigan Resources Trust Fund. To facilitate regional planning, the Township participates in the Northwest Ottawa County Recreation Plan with the Village of Spring Lake, City of Ferrysburg, City of Grand Haven and Grand Haven Charter Township. The current Recreation Plan expires at the end of 2024.

Current Recreation Plan

Contract with consultant approved: May 8, 2024
Discussion with the Recreation Committee: June, 2024

Project contact:
Lukas Hill, Community Development Director

Non-Motorized Path Maintenance 2024
Spring Lake Township has 21.8 miles of existing non-motorized pathways. A non-motorized pathway asset management plan was prepared in 2022, assessing the conditions of all the pathways in the Township.

Non-Motorized Pathway Asset Management Plan

Pathways planned for maintenance in 2024 include:

List of planned projects


Project contact:
Gordon Gallagher, Township Manager