Keeping our residents informed and engaged is part of our mission at Spring Lake Township. To that end, we wanted to provide an update from the Spring Lake Township Board of Trustees meeting, which was held Monday, Jan. 8.

5-0 vote for a balanced settlement
The Board voted 5-0 to settle ongoing litigation with P5 Land Investments LLC following a recommendation by our township attorney. We believe this settlement agreement allows for density that is consistent with the community’s vision and the need for additional housing, while balancing concerns about increasing open space. The settlement also helps avoid further costly litigation that would divert precious taxpayer dollars and resources from township priorities at a time when our community is growing.

The settlement will result in 195 single-family homes being built gradually over the next two decades, fewer than initially recommended by the Planning Commission, which accomplishes both goals of increasing available housing and bolstering open space.

We are truly hopeful that with this decision made we can move forward together as one community and focus on continuing to make Spring Lake Township an amazing place to live, work, raise a family or start a small business. Our residents have consistently highlighted the need for additional housing, as well as additional open space, in our recent community engagement survey. We are blessed to be a growing community with a very high quality of life, and this outcome is a common sense, win-win solution for our community and the taxpayers we serve.

Resolution Regarding P5 Rezoning Litigation

Vacant board position
The Board of Trustees also voted to accept the resignation of Trustee Ellen DelaRosa-Pearn. We are thankful to Ellen for her service and commitment to Spring Lake Township, and we encourage interested residents to apply for the trustee position. We will begin right away to identify a new trustee who will serve until November 2024. Information on how to apply is available on our website.

Board meetings live stream
Our board also voted to begin livestreaming Board of Trustees meetings, and we anticipate beginning livestreaming for the Jan. 22 meeting. Livestreams can be viewed on the township Facebook page.

Our community engagement survey highlighted the need to engage our community in new ways and enhance our communications using multiple channels to keep residents informed. We look forward to providing this new way to foster transparency, participation and engagement in our local government. As always, we welcome your feedback and input, which can be sent to

Jerry Rabideau
Supervisor, Spring Lake Township Board of Trustees